You're a lawyer.
You have a file to refer.
Send it to SERJ!
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Advantages of making referrals to SERJ

SERJ is an initiative created by the Alepin Gauthier law firm whose goal is to offer an alternative with several advantages to lawyers wishing to refer a file as a result of a conflict of interest, an inability to proceed or a difficulty related to a particular situation. Referrals are first sent to the Alepin Gauthier law firm, and if the latter is unable to process them, they may be referred to SERJ's top referrers, of which you may be a member. Referrals to SERJ represents a win-win situation for the referrer, the referred lawyer and for the client. Referring to SERJ provides you with the following advantages*:
  • $50 sent by wire transfer to your business e-mail upon the receipt of a valid referral;
  • Access to a free continuing education per referral. (Up to a maximum of 15 hours of training per year to meet continuing education obligations);
  • Access to free conferences with experts in fields related to our profession;
  • After ten referrals over a 12-month period, you will become a TOP REFERRER with increased benefits.

If you are interested in receiving referrals from SERJ, simply send an e-mail to in order to discuss the terms and conditions. Please include in your e-mail your coordinates, your area(s) of practice and a short summary of your profile.
* See the Terms of Use for more information.

Refer to SERJ

Step 1

Information about the referring lawyer

Step 2

Referral Information

Step 3


To begin the process, SERJ will analyze your referral and ensure that you are in fact, a lawyer as well as a member of the Quebec Bar. Secondly, SERJ will ensure that it is not a spam/scam. For example: a referral concerning Ms. Poule Mouillée at 514-444-1999 would not be followed up by SERJ and the referrer would not receive any benefits.

As soon as SERJ has validated and confirmed all of the information, $50 will then be transferred electronically to the referrer's professional e-mail addres swhen the reference is contacted. It's as simple as that!

SERJ will also send you an e-mail to allow you to take advantage of any additional benefits.

SERJ refers to a lawyer that is a member of the Quebec Bar. The lawyer who received the referral will then contact the referee.

There are no silly questions


I get $50 for every referral even if the client was never met?

SERJ: Yes, every time! We rely on the fact that you are a lawyer, a member of the Bar and that you refer serious clients. Once referred, SERJ will take care of it!


If I am a law student, can I refer to SERJ?

SERJ: Patience, when you become an official member of the Quebec Bar, please contact us again.


I have a legal aid retainer, does SERJ accept it?

SERJ: Not at the moment, if there are any changes, we will notify you.


What language does SERJ speak?

SERJ: All referred clients must speak either English or French. For any other language, please specify it in the description of your referral (step 2).


I wish to remain informed about the file.

SERJ: Client/attorney privilege belongs to the client. We ask you to communicate this request directly to the client, who has the option of explicitly waiving his or her right.


Will SERJ tell me who will be the lawyer in charge of the file?

SERJ: Express this request in your form, SERJ will ask the lawyer to discuss it with the client and, if necessary, to contact you via your professional e-mail.


After submitting the referral, how long does it take to receive the $50?

SERJ: SERJ will work hard to get your $50 to you as quickly as possible and ideally as quickly as within 7 days of validating the referral.


What occurs if SERJ cannot find a lawyer to handle the referred file?

SERJ: The ideal would be to reach the client through the lawyer within 24 hours of the submitted referral. However, under exceptional circumstances where SERJ is unable to find a lawyer, longer delays may be incurred.


How do I ensure the confidentiality of my form?

SERJ: Although there are always risks involved when using information and communication technologies, we work with experts in this field to ensure that proper practices are always followed.


Is there a referral limit?

SERJ: No, you can make multiple referrals per day!


I want to refer a good client for a particular file; however, I also want to keep my client, is that possible?

SERJ: Certainly, just specify it in the description of your referral in step 2 of the form.


Is it possible to receive referrals from SERJ?

Yes, you must communicate your interest to receive referrals from SERJ by sending an e-mail to Certain conditions may apply.


Does SERJ's business model meet the requirements of the Act respecting the Barreau du Québec and the Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers?

SERJ: Yes, the necessary verifications have been made and SERJ's business model meets the requirements of the Act respecting the Barreau du Québec as well as the Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers.


Do you keep a record of all referrals made?

SERJ: Yes.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact SERJ.