Service d’échange et de référencement juridique (S.E.R.J.) Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a legal person incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (Québec). The main activity of the Company is to offer a legal referral platform (the "Site") exclusively to lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar, for referrals in Quebec.

The protection of personal information is important to us. We therefore set out in this Confidentiality Policy the main principles and guidelines we follow in the pursuit of protecting the personal information we collect. By providing us with personal information, you consent to our use and disclosure, if any, of your personal information in accordance with this policy and within the limits you have indicated to us, if any, subject to compliance with applicable laws.

Therefore, unless required by law or contractual obligations, you may at any time choose to withhold or withdraw your consent to specified uses, by contacting us.


    The Company, during the course of its activities and in order to enable it to provide the agreed services, collects the following information and personal data:

    1. Both your and your referrals’ first names and surnames;
    2. Your business address and the address of your referrals;
    3. Your phone number and that of your referrals;
    4. Your professional e-mail address as well as the e-mail address of your referrals, if any;

    We collect personal information for the following purposes:

    1. In order to provide the agreed service

      We need your name and full contact information in order to ensure a follow-up, such as sending and/or verifying information, informing you of any changes to our service, confirming receipt of any referrals, communicating with your referrals to ensure follow-ups, etc.

    2. Send you offers and information

      From time to time, we may also use your personal contact information, either your mailing address or e-mail address, to send you additional information regarding our services, special offers or promotions from our suppliers or sponsors, if any.

    3. Other uses

      From time to time, we may also use your personal information for the following purposes:

      1. For data collection;
      2. Surveys about our services;
      3. Improvement of our service;
      4. Verification of your status as a member of the Barreau du Québec;
      5. Customer service.

    We may disclose your personal information to the following individuals for the following purposes and under the following conditions:

    1. Communication to our suppliers

      We may share your personal information with those who provide services to us. We may also communicate your personal information to any company or individual we may have retained to verify your status as a member of the Barreau du Québec. We provide these third parties with the information strictly necessary for them to properly provide the service.

    2. Internal communication

      We may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, directors or subcontractors for the sole purpose of allowing us to provide you with the services of the Site.

    3. Communication within the context of a business transfer

      It is possible that your personal information may be disclosed to third parties as a result of a transfer in whole or in part of our company or operations. It is understood, however, that the assignee of all or part of these rights will be bound by the same confidentiality undertakings as we are, as they are set out in this Privacy Policy.

    4. Disclosure pursuant to an order under the applicable laws

      We may be called upon or compelled to provide your personal information to an authorized government agency, the Quebec Bar, asserting its right to obtain such information, or where there is an order, subpoena, warrant issued by a court, person or body of competent jurisdiction requiring the production or delivery of such information or where a court order requires the filing of such records of information and we are required to comply with it. We may also disclose your personal information to our legal counsel and our accountants or auditors, who will, at all times, be bound by professional secrecy by virtue of their profession and/or be required to comply with this Privacy Policy.


    Personal information is stored in secure locations where access is private and limited to authorized individuals and in servers that are protected with security measures.


    Upon receipt of a written request, and subject to certain exceptions, and to the extent that your identity at the time of such request is ascertained, we will inform you of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information and grant you access to it. You must send a written request to this effect to the contact information provided in this policy.


    We recognize the importance of the personal information that you share with us and as such, we take all reasonable precautions to prevent the alteration, loss, misuse and theft of your personal information.

    Only our authorized personnel and suppliers have access to personal information. When personal information is sent to a third party, we take necessary measures to ensure that arrangements are ensured with the third party to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information and that it will be used for the sole purposes that have been authorized by this policy.

    We retain personal information for as long as it is necessary for us to provide our services to you and for a limited time thereafter.

    We cannot guarantee that your personal information, if voluntarily disclosed by yourself in focus groups will not subsequently be used by third parties. We will not be held responsible in such circumstances for such disclosure or any subsequent use by third parties.


    We may occasionally collect personal information through our website.

    1. Cookie

      When a person accesses our website, a browser device called a "cookie" may be activated to collect information such as the type of Internet browser used or the operating system used by the visitor, the domain name from which the visitor came, the date of access to the site, the number of visits, the average time spent on our site and the pages consulted. The use of this cookie does not in any way reveal the identity of a visitor unless the visitor has registered for our services or has sent us a specific message to this effect from our website. We may use this information and share it with other organizations with which we have business relationships for statistical purposes and to measure the use of our site, improve its content, efficiency and functionality.

    2. E-mail

      We may send and exchange e-mails related to matters of services offered by us or suppliers with whom we maintain business or promotional relationships, which may contain information that could be useful to you. You will be able to unsubscribe from this e-mail service at any time or inform us of your preferences as to the types of e-mail you are willing to receive. If you send us an e-mail, we may retain the e-mail address from which the message was sent and the e-mail address from which it was received as well as the e-mail address of any replies we may send you.


    1. Modifications

      It is possible and even likely that we may, from time to time, have to modify or supplement this policy to protect your personal information. If changes are made, they will be posted on our website and the new amended policy will also be made available on our website.

      However, if changes are made to the purposes for which personal information is collected, used or disclosed to third parties and for which consents have been obtained, we will ensure that the necessary consents are obtained unless such use or disclosure of personal information is otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws.

    2. Withdrawal of your consent

      You may at any time notify us of your desire to withdraw or modify your consent regarding the use and disclosure of your personal information. We will comply with your request, while considering any legal or contractual obligations that are related to your use of the website.

      You will always be able to unsubscribe from newsletters, updates or other promotional communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link under the "unsubscribe" heading in any of our emails you may receive. Once we receive your unsubscription, our list will be updated accordingly.

    3. Links to other websites

      Links to other web sites or Internet resources may be provided on our site for promotional, informational, or for convenience and support purposes. If you click on one of these links, you will be accessing another website or Internet resource that we are not responsible for and have no control over, with its own and independent policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. We therefore do not accept any responsibility or liability that may arise from your use of these other websites or Internet resources.

    4. Contact us

      To contact us to receive any additional information, send us your comments or follow up on this policy, please write to us at the following email address:

      Last updated on June 2, 2020